An evening event at the Hotel De Cambis: Mahé s’installe !

An evening event at the Hotel De Cambis: Mahé s’installe !

In addition to being a prestigious and friendly place to stay in the heart of Avignon, the Hotel De Cambis is also a place where the Avignonnais like to meet, whether at the wine bar or for special evenings of entertainment. On January 20th, there’s no doubt that this beautiful synergy will come into play again as we welcome Mahé for an evening of laughter and fun. 


A rising star

After a number of minor jobs, Mahé began to follow the classic path of the stand-up comedian. He set out to delight his public through performances in café-concert halls and at festivals. In Avignon, he has excelled at the Off for three years, entertaining the festival crowds with his generously big-hearted sense of humour. Our small Provençal city has definitely adopted this Ch’ti, who is proud of his Valenciennes roots. His stand-up involves sketches and improvisations that make each show different. Mahé invites his audience to react and interact as he comments playfully on the news and his journey. Bursts of laughter are born at every moment, but the humour is always tender and without malice. 


The Hotel De Cambis: an ideal venue for Mahé

One of the main qualities of Mahé is his proximity to his public. At the Hotel De Cambis, you will have the chance to see him in an intimate setting where he can easily interact with his audience. Mahé is then able to express the best of his art and humour in such a setting and adapt his show, entitled Mahé s’installe, accordingly. But remember to book as soon as possible because places are limited. We’ll see you on January 20th in the heart of Avignon!


The Hotel De Cambis presents a performance by the comedian Mahé. Book today!


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