Andalusian culture in the spotlight in Avignon

Andalusian culture in the spotlight in Avignon

Initiated and organised by the dynamic Association Alhambra, recognised by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia as an ‘Andalusian Community located outside the borders of Andalusia’, the Festival Andalou invites everyone in Avignon and its surroundings to discover the rich culture of the Spanish region through fifteen days of events. During your stay at the Hotel De Cambis, take advantage of the amazing programme of this festival!



From March 10th to 26th, Avignon, Caumont-sur-Durance, Orange, Chateaurenard and Le Thor will vibrate to the rhythm of flamenco guitars. Truly synonymous with Andalusia, the art form that is flamenco will be demonstrated via dance performances and concerts such as the Concerto in 37 ½ by Ana Pérez, which you can enjoy less than 10 minutes on foot from the Hotel De Cambis, and during the Flamenco evening taking place on March 19th. What’s more, you can learn about flamenco through dance workshops for children and adults. A symposium on the Musical and Sound Poetics of Flamenco will be held in the Place de l'Horloge, just a short stroll from our hotel.


… and more!

However, Andalusian culture mixes a wealth of influences, and the Festival Andalou seeks to convey and share this rich diversity. You’ll be able to attend an Arab-Andalusian music concert, the screening of the film La Culture Arabo-musulmane, a Sevillian dance workshop and an exhibition of the work of the painter Youssef Saadoun. Why not also take the opportunity to learn about Andalusian cuisine with a great chef at the Halles d'Avignon food market, just over five minutes’ walk from the hotel? The possibilities are numerous, and many events are free.


Flamboyant, bewitching, and astonishing, the Festival Andalou offers a fascinating and rewarding experience at the end of the Avignon winter. The Hotel De Cambis team will be at your service to help you make the most of all the facets of this unique festival.


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