Avignon Dances to the Spanish Rhythm

Avignon Dances to the Spanish Rhythm

In the heart of the city of the Popes, the Hotel De Cambis is delighted to announce the arrival of spring with an explosion of colors, music, and Spanish passion. In March 2024, Avignon will transform into a true living canvas during the 23rd Andalusian Festival. On this occasion, the Hotel De Cambis is preparing to welcome enthusiasts of flamenco, Iberian gastronomy, and Andalusian culture. Immerse yourself in this intoxicating celebration by planning your stay now.


Avignon Will Vibrate to Andalusian Rhythms

The 23rd Andalusian Festival promises to immerse Avignon in the Spanish soul. The streets will come alive with the enchanting music of flamenco, Mediterranean flavors will perfume the air, and passionate dance will warm the hearts. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover captivating shows, flamenco dance demonstrations, Andalusian music concerts, and much more. The Hotel De Cambis, ideally located in the heart of the old town, offers a peaceful retreat just steps away from the festivities. The comfortable rooms and attentive service of our establishment provide a perfect balance between the excitement of the festival and well-deserved rest after a day of celebration.


Book Your Andalusian Stay at the Hotel De Cambis

To fully enjoy the 23rd Andalusian Festival, book your stay at the Hotel De Cambis now. We have created special packages for this period, combining the exceptional hospitality of our establishment with exclusive experiences related to the festival. Whether you are a flamenco dance enthusiast, a lover of Spanish cuisine, or a curious soul eager to explore new cultures, our dedicated team is ready to make your stay memorable.

The Hotel De Cambis invites you to live an authentic and captivating experience during the 23rd Andalusian Festival in March 2024 in Avignon. Book now to secure a privileged place at the heart of this cultural celebration. May your stay with us be the beginning of an unforgettable Spanish adventure.


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