The Hôtel De Cambis has obtained the Clef Verte label

The Hôtel De Cambis has obtained the Clef Verte label

Resolutely committed to an eco-responsible approach, the Hôtel De Cambis team is proud to have obtained the Clef Verte (Green Key) label this year. In addition to being a recognition of our voluntary involvement in sustainable tourism, the Clef Verte is a guarantee that you will also reduce the environmental footprint of your Avignon break by staying with us. Read on to find out more…


What is the Clef Vert label?

An international eco-label awarded by an independent organisation, the Clef Verte is given to hotel establishments that can meet more than a hundred social and environmental criteria. Reduction in water and energy consumption, waste management, use of virtuous cleaning products, choice of eco-responsible partners, and better inclusiveness are among the main points scrutinised. Today, in France, barely more than 400 hotels can claim to have obtained this label. So, we have every right to be proud!


Our commitment

We could highlight our energy choices, the insulation of our rooms or our lightbulb selections. Today, however, we prefer to present to you two partnerships we have established which have contributed to earning us the Clef Verte label. First, we partnered with UNISOAP. This association is responsible for collecting used soaps from hotels to redistribute them to the underprivileged. It’s a local approach that is simple but useful and effective. Then, we formed a partnership with Les Alchimistes. This company collects our food waste and transforms it into compost that is used to enrich the agricultural land of our region.


There is no such thing as an unimportant step when it comes to protecting our planet. Obtaining the Cleft Verte label is an acknowledgement of the commitment of our entire team, both in its fundamental approach and in its small daily actions. Treat yourself to an eco-responsible break with us in Avignon!


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